By Jolané van der Walt-Nieuwoudt (LLB) (LLM)     In the modern workplace, air conditioning systems serve as the cornerstone of maintaining a comfortable and productive environment for employees. These systems regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality, creating an atmosphere conducive to work. However, beyond mere comfort, the proper maintenance and regulation of air conditioning systems are […]

By Jolané van der Walt-Nieuwoudt (LLB) (LLM) The vote of every citizen is a “badge of dignity and personhood. Quite literally, it says that everybody counts.”[1] Justice Sachs additionally observed that within a nation characterized by profound inequality such as South Africa, the right to vote affirms our membership in a shared nation and symbolizes our intertwined […]

While your Last Will and Testament primarily addresses the distribution of your estate after your passing, a Living Will serves as a legal declaration of your medical preferences to be honored while you are still alive. For instance, consider a scenario where you fall into a coma, rendering you unable to communicate your wish not […]

By Jolane van der Walt-Nieuwoudt (LLB) (LLM) In the realm of modern medical ethics, few topics are as laden with complexity, controversy, and compassion as euthanasia and assisted suicide (assisted dying). These practices, involving the intentional termination of a patient’s life with the assistance of a medical professional, sit at the crossroads of individual autonomy, […]