On 21 March we commemorate the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre, the day 69 pass law protestors were shot dead.  Human dignity, the right to life, freedom and security of the person, are some of the more relevant than ever human rights enshrined in Chapter 2 of The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996.  From all […]

Sometimes the fairytale comes to an abrupt end. So what happens next?  An engagement ring forms part of “arrhae sponsalitiae” (gifts reflecting the giver’s intention to marry).  Where the giver is to blame = the innocent receiver may keep the gift, however, note that all circumstances are taken into account.  If the engagement is ended […]

Valentine’s Day often produces new fiancés. Our latest audio clip is relevant and dedicated (with many congratulatory wishes) to everyone contemplating marriage.  If you do not want to get married in community of property, which means you share everything including past debts, please have a listen to our Mrs. Jolané van der Walt-Nieuwoudt share the […]

By Andries Cornelissen B. Proc, Practical Legal Training, Accredited and Certified Mediator, International Accredited and Certified Mediator London School of Mediation, Certified and Accredited Conflict Coach, Practicing Associate: The Association of Arbitrators, Certified and Accredited AHI Representative Seeing an elderly homeless lady on the street begging for scraps to eat from visibly irritated people caught my […]

People continue to ask what on earth legal cost insurance is. Legal cost insurance = the payment of an affordable monthly premium. This pays your legal fees in your future moment of need. Example 1: Similar to paying monthly premiums to your medical insurance company and then not having to pay the doctor when you […]

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