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Legal Insurance

Underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited with FSP number 75
Legal Hero Business is an authorised financial services provider operating under the license 45560.


Legal Hero offers you quality legal insurance

Our mission is to secure justice in an uncertain world where legal threats are likely, skills are scarce and only a minority can afford the law. Determined to leave South Africa a better place, we provide quality legal products (to cover your future legal heartache, this is insurance after all) at an affordable monthly premium with zero excess fees. NOTE: if you already have a legal headache, it is too late to take out a policy for that specific legal matter. We also endeavour to provide legal education, so that everyone - in time - may become their own hero.

Our Super Powered Legal Insurance Product

*Save-the-Day Note: there is no premium increase for the next 24 months as at 1 March 2021


  1. 24/7 Arrest Line

    Your hero understands that legal emergencies are not confined to office hours. Legal Hero Members may call us on 010 001 1001 night or day and select option 2. It is important that you provide us with the following information: Contact Number (in case your airtime runs out), Membership Number or ID number (so we may locate you on our system), Relevant SAPS Station, Time of Arrest, Charges, Previous Convictions and Next of Kin’s Details (spouse/ relative who we can keep up to date). 

  2. R200 000 Court Cover Per Year

    Upon becoming a valued Legal Hero Policyholder, you may register a new legal case by calling 010 001 1001 and asking to speak to a Lawyer to open your new case.

    Your Lawyer will advise you on the next steps forward. This may include the sending of documents to support your claim. Please include your ID/ Policy Number on all documents sent to or via fax to 086 551 2705.

    Step 1: first your Lawyer will start with Advice;

    Step 2:  Out of Court Negotiations (calls to third parties by your Lawyer, sending of Letters of Demand, drafting of contracts). This saves you time as our Courts are experiencing heavy delays;

    Step 3: In-Court/ Litigation Cover of up to R200 000 per year. The matter is sent to our Merit Assessors to approve or decline your claim based on the policy wording, up to date payments, date your problem arose, chances of success in Court, etc. Kindly refer to your Policy Wording for the terms and conditions. All Legal Hero Documents available for download may be found at the bottom of this Home Page. Kindly click on ‘Download Legal Hero documents’ listed under the ‘I WANT TO’ section. 

  3. Family Protection Plan

    Life is unpredictable. Rest assured that, should you pass on and leave loved ones behind, your registered Spouse and Dependents will receive Legal Advice and Out of Court Negotiation assistance for a period of 12 months without paying a premium. Why? Because we care.  

  4. Claim-free Cashback

    What a super-thought it is to know that you will either receive legal assistance from a company that thinks highly of you OR receive a  Claim-free Cashback every 5 years. You have nothing to lose and either way is a win. Please note that the Claim-free Cashback is not optional and is included in the R289 Legal Hero Platinum policy and benefits. The Claim-free Cashback is not free as the potential payout of the Claim-free Cashback was taken into account whilst determining the total monthly premium. The cost it has on the premium is is however minimal, at 8.65% during a five-year period.

    Save the day note: the availability or extent of this Claim-free Cashback/ no-claims bonus depends on whether or not you claim in terms of your policy. A claim = a request for Legal Advice, Out of Court Negotiations, Contracts and Litigation/ in-Court Assistance, within your control or not, will result in your 5 year claim-free period running afresh as from the date your legal file is closed. The Claim-free Cashback totals R1500.  Click here to download the Claim-free Cashback Application Form.

  5. Policy Wording

    You may cancel within 30 days after joining and receive a full premium refund should you be unsatisfied with the contents of this document. Click here to download your Policy Wording.

  6. List of Exclusions

    For a detailed list of In-Court/ Litigation exclusions, please refer to your Policy Wording.

    Note that these exclusions do not necessarily mean that we cannot assist in terms of the Legal Advice, Out of Court Negotiation or Discounted Referral Benefit.

    • Removal of Debt Review where there is a court order and the Debt Counsellor followed all the rules
    • Instituting Evictions, Interdicts or Sequestrations against someone else
    • When the problem happened before you became a policyholder
    • When the waiting period has not lapsed as yet
    • When you incurred private legal fees by using your own attorney not appointed by Legal Hero in writing
    • Business Matters (this does not mean Labour cases)
    • Setting up a Trust
    • Clams for non-monetary loss such as defamation where no monetary loss can be proved
    • Litigation claims based on an oral agreement
    • Tax related matters
    • When you did not inform us of your legal problem within 30 days of having the problem
    • Please refer to your Policy Wording for the rest
  7. Uncontested Divorce and Contested Divorce

    An Uncontested Divorce refers to where the spouses can agree on the consequences of the divorce and can set them out in a settlement agreement for a quicker uncontested/ unopposed divorce.

    A Contested Divorce refers to where the spouses are unable to agree on the consequences of the divorce and need to battle it out in court. This divorce takes longer to finalize.

  8. More Benefits

    R10 000 Bail Money, R20 000 Untimely Passing Benefit, Docket Requisitions, Protection Orders and more. Assistance with Civil, Criminal, Family and Labour matters. Covers you, your Spouse and up to four dependent children under 28 years of age.

    Terms and conditions apply. All Legal Hero Documents available for download may be found at the bottom of this Home Page. Kindly click on ‘Download Legal Hero documents’ listed under the ‘I WANT TO’ section.


*Save-the-Day Note: the above compliments/ testimonials/ endorsements are not financial advice and should not be seen as such