Complain or Escalate my Complaint

Legal Hero is committed to a high service standard, rendering financial services with integrity, the speedy resolve of complaints and the overall improvement of processes even in the instance where a complaint may be viewed as ‘invalid’ in terms of the relevant policy wording. In this regard each and every concern counts as valuable feedback that requires addressing in a meaningful manner.

The Definition of a Complaint

A Complaint in terms of the Policyholder Protection Rules (PPR) means an expression of dissatisfaction by a person to an insurer or, to the knowledge of the insurer, to the insurer’s service provider relating to a policy or service provided or offered by that insurer which indicates or alleges, regardless of whether such an expression of dissatisfaction is submitted together with or in relation to a policyholder query, that –

  • (a) the insurer or its service provider has contravened or failed to comply with an agreement, a law, a rule, or a code of conduct which is binding on the insurer or to which it subscribes;
  • (b) the insurer or its service provider’s maladministration or willful or negligent action or failure to act, has caused the person harm, prejudice, distress or substantial inconvenience; or
  • (c) the insurer or its service provider has treated the person unfairly;
  • Regardless whether submitted together with or in relation to a policyholder query.

All complaints lodged with the Ombudsman/ FAIS/ FSCA is to be dealt with by Guardrisk exclusively. All documents and information relating to such a complaint, must be sent to Guardrisk within 24hours of receipt of the complaint.

Note that there is no service fee charged for registering a complaint.

The Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) Outcomes include:

  1. Customers need to feel confident that TCF is central to our culture;
  2. Products are designed, marketed and sold to the right customer, meeting their needs;
  3. Customers receive clear information that is timely and relevant to them;
  4. Customers receive suitable product/ sales advice that takes their circumstances into account;
  5. Products and services perform as expected and the service is of an acceptable standard;
  6. There are no unreasonable barriers for customers to change or switch products, claim or complain.

How to lodge a complaint should you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of your dealings with Legal Hero:

  1. Preferably submit your complaint and ID/ membership number in writing, including as much information of your dissatisfaction as possible. This includes the staff member/s involved, your case or product details, any supporting documents and the relevant dates/ times relevant to your dissatisfaction. The reason for your dissatisfaction must be clear in order for Legal Hero to investigate diligently;
  2. You may send your complaint to fax 0865512705 or post to Legal Hero, P.O. BOX 20013, Big Bay 7448. Should you be unable to submit in writing, a telephone voice recording of your complaint will be reduced to writing by the officer assigned to attend to your complaint;
  3. You will receive an SMS confirming that your complaint has been received, the name of the person dealing with your complaint and confirmation that the relevant assigned staff member will contact you telephonically within 2 working days;
  4. You may escalate the matter internally and change the person dealing with your complaint where he/she did not attend to your complaint as per the 3/7/14 day diary period (to receive feedback/ assistance) as mentioned above. Simply follow the same steps as per point b and advise that you wish to escalate the matter.

How to take the matter further should your complaint be rejected by Legal Hero

You may direct your complaint to Guardrisk, Legal Hero’s underwriter, to escalate the matter.

Contact details of Guardrisk, the underwriter of Legal Hero:

  1. a)  Legal services:;
  2. b)  Marketer/ sales person/ policy complaints:;
  3. c)  Claims repudiation:

Should your complaint remain unresolved to your satisfaction, you may lodge your complaint with the Ombud for Short-term Insurance.

The procedure for lodging a complaint may be found on the website for the Ombud for Short- term Insurance ( or you may obtain it directly from the Ombud at the following contact numbers:

Tel: (011) 726 8900 | Share call: 0860 726 890
Fax: 011 726-5501
E-mail address:
Address: Sunnyside Office Park, 5th Floor, Building D, 32 Princess of Wales Terrace, Parktown Postal Address: P O Box 32334 Braamfontein, 2017

Should you have a complaint against the intermediary (e.g. a broker/ sales person selling you the product) the complaint may be lodged with FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) online via

Alternatively, a complaint may logged with the FAIS Ombud. A complaint form needs
to be completed, which can be downloaded from the FAIS Ombud’s website ( The complaints registration form is also available from the FAIS Ombud at the following contact numbers:

Telephone: (012) 762 5000 / (012) 470 9080
Fax: (086 764 1422 / (012) 348 3447
E-mail address:
Address: Sussex Office Park; Ground Floor, Block B; 473 Lynnwood Road Cnr Lynnwood Road & Sussex Ave, Lynnwood, 0081
Postal address: PO Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040


Contact details of Guardrisk, the underwriter of Legal Hero:

Legal services:

Marketer/ Sales person/ policy complaints:

Claims repudiation: