By Jolané van der Walt-Nieuwoudt (LLB) (LLM) Perhaps you have accumulated valuable assets and/ or money and/ or sentimental items during your lifetime. These items form part of your estate and would need to be divided, distributed, and administered upon your passing.  The abovementioned distribution is attended to in accordance with your last Will and […]

Our Adv. Matwa has a way of explaining complex legal issues in the simplest of terms.  Legal Hero Policyholders are urged to contact us for further information, so that we may draw your credit report on your behalf and assist with the various listings found. All we require is a clear copy of your ID […]

By Andries Cornelissen B. Proc, Practical Legal Training, Accredited and Certified Mediator, International Accredited and Certified Mediator London School of Mediation, Certified and Accredited Conflict Coach, Practicing Associate: The Association of Arbitrators, Certified and Accredited AHI Representative South Africa’s rental housing scene will see major changes once the Rental Housing Amendment Act 35 of 2014 is […]

By Adv. Ria Matsala All women have the right to be treated equally, with dignity and respect. Women also have the right to a safe workplace that is free from sexual harassment. Although it has been more than 60 years since the historic march of approximately 20,000 women to the Union Buildings in protest against the apartheid […]

By Jolané van der Walt (LLB) (LLM) Do you have a firearm? If so, are you aware of the circumstances that may cause you to lose your firearm/ firearm license?  Pointing of a firearm at someone * Threatening to use a firearm against another person or your partner / spouse * Misplacing/ losing your firearm […]

By Jolané van der Walt (LLB) (LLM) How does the COVID-19 lockdown impact the holders of parental rights and responsibilities and how does this affect our children?  Initial Directive: Initially the directive from the Government in terms of the lockdown was very clear: there was to be a total ban on the movement of children […]

By Adv. TJ Louw This is a common and unfortunate problem that many South Africans are faced with daily. It is true that the initial excitement that one experiences after purchasing a car is almost incomparable. However, this initial joy can soon turn sour should it turn out that the vehicle you just bought suffers […]

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